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Dry Aid Jar

With the hot and humid weather arriving, your hearing aids are more susceptible to moisture damage. Our Dry Aid Kits will keep your hearing aids from moisture damage, they will also maintain your hearing aids peak performance and ultimately reduce repairs.

How it works: At night, open the battery doors on your hearing aids. Place them on the drying disk inside the jar. Close the lid on the jar, in the morning your hearing aids will be “refreshed”.

Jean and Jenn's Product Pick:


EarPlanes are patented, pressure regulated earplugs that are used during airplane travel.  They reduce the discomfort associated with changes in pressure cabin.  A pressure regulator inside the soft silicone earplug slows down rapid pressure changes that cause pain and stuffiness in the ear during take-off and particularly landing.  This is an invaluable product for an individual that flies with middle ear problems, cold, sinus or allergy conditions.  My oldest son, with asthma, swears by them!  EarPlanes were developed at House Ear Institute and tested by U.S. Navy pilots.  They come in both adult and child sizes and cost less than $10 a pair.