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Special Events

Jennifer attended Oticon’s “Open Up the World” new product launch from May 20 – 22nd in Orlando, FL. This long weekend was attended by more than 1500 hearing professionals from more than 56 countries! Oticon’s Opn is an entirely new high end product that offers the first internet connected 2.4GHz wireless technology with Made for iPhone capabilities.

Following conversation in noisy situations is the number one challenge for the hearing impaired. This ground breaking technology processes sounds 50 times faster, giving the brain total access to hear in 3D and allows the hearing instrument user to follow conversations that come from all different directions. In short, because it works in harmony with the brain, it puts the hearing instrument user in charge of which sound to focus on. The result is better speech understanding, with less effort. Oticon’s Opn scans the environment 100 times a second!

Thames Hearing Services, Inc. is excited to offer this revolutionary technology to our patients!

Oticon Seminar

On Monday, November 9th 2015 Jennifer attended an educational seminar sponsored by Oticon in Providence, RI. Dr. Douglas Beck, Au.D. spoke on two very relevant topics. First, was an interesting Update on Tinnitus and Management. Personalization, Clinical Audiology and Advanced Amplification was discussed in the second session. It is always of great interest to learn about new ideas, concepts and protocols to better manage the tinnitus patients. Over the past decade, there certainly has been tremendous change in clinical audiology, hearing aid dispensing and neuroscience!

CAOHC Re-certification

Jennifer was recertified as Course Director for the Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation. This workshop was held in Portland, OR on November 6th. Jennifer has enjoyed planning and conducting area training courses for Occupational Hearing Conservationists for almost 30 years. A new CAOHC certification course is offered by Thames Hearing Services from Wednesday, December 2nd – Friday, December 4th.

Jean and Jenn attended Resound Hearing Aid training in Miami Florida from April 13th to 15th 2015. The purpose of this training was to introduce their new platform of products including the Linx2 hearing aid devices.

The president of the company stated that their mission is to reconnect people to the world with products that are invisible, rival natural sound and easy to use.

Additionally, the product line has many wireless accessories and an iPhone application that functions as a blue tooth streamer and remote control for hearing aids. Come on in and check it out!!

Jean and Jennifer attended the 22nd annual audiology education series at the JFK Conference Center in Edison, NJ on October 24th. This conference spoke of the emerging pharmacologic treatments for hearing loss, with keynote speaker, Kathleen Campbell, PhD. Although nothing has been FDA approved as of yet, there are very exciting treatments for hearing loss caused by noise exposure and ototoxicity (medication induced) in the works. In the future, we may be able to treat an individual before hearing loss occurs - how exciting!